Partner Program

World class digital asset management for your clients


Become a Brand Regard partner

Join a growing number of Brand Regard partners and provide your client with a world-class digital asset management solution to manage their marketing and branding files. Our partner program is popular with brand agencies, advertising agencies, and printers and print management companies.

  • We share the revenue with you as long as a client uses Brand Regard
  • You provide your client with professional and secure file management
  • You can white-label the solution with your logo (or your client’s)
  • Setting up a new client in the system only takes a few minutes

To kow more you can download our partner manual, read on or send us an email at

Note: Most DAM systems take months to implement but you can have your client up and running on Brand Regard in minutes.

You get a share of the profits - forever

As long as a client you introduced to Brand Regard stays in business with us, you get a share of the revenue. You can offer your client a bulk discount off our list price and provide them with access for hundreds or thousands of users.

Brand Regard has a very high conversion rate from trial to paid customers and every client of yours gets a 30-day free trial, so there's no buyer's regret.

How Brand Regard helps your client


Are your client's marketing kept in a mess of folders? Click play to see how Brand Regard can help.

The key selling points of Brand Regard are that

  • Finding the right file becomes much easier - instead of emailing someone or digging around in folders, they log in to Brand Regard and find the right file in seconds
  • Distributing large files doesn’t clog email inboxes - send colleagues, partners and clients a selection of videos or hi- resolution files in an instant
  • It prevents mistakes such as someone using the old version of a logo
  • It makes it easy to see what files are being used by colleagues
  • It’s accessible from any browser, including a mobile optimized version
  • It's as easy to use as Facebook or Amazon

Setting a client up with Brand Regard in five easy steps

Setting up a client with Brand Regard only takes minutes. In five easy steps you can give your client access a world class, enterprise digital asset management system. Click on any image below to see a slideshow of how it's done.


1. Create


2. White label


3. Upload


4. Categorise


5. Invite user

Note that the above steps only work for accounts that have been enabled as resellers.

Get in touch to become a reseller

We're more and more partners from different industries to our reseller program. We would love to hear from you if you want to join them. To become a Brand Regard reseller, send us an email at and we will set up your account straight away.

Advantages of web-based software
  • Your data is secure and is backed up daily.
  • Your software is always up to date - no need for software upgrades.
  • You can access the software from any country, any office, on the train or at home.
  • It doesn't matter if you're using a PC, a Mac, Linux or a mobile.
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