Main features Brand Regard makes it easy for companies to protect their most valuable asset: Their brand.

Following is an overview of some of Brand Regard's most useful features. These features are also explained in our video tutorials.

Overview-of-users-screenshot Complete access control

Brand Regard is designed for fine grained user access-control and gives you complete control over who can access what. You can:

  • Give as many colleagues access to the system as necessary - with minimum extra cost.
  • Give users outside your organization temporary access to selected categories (or toolkits as we call them).

Example: The Marketing Director of ACME International is the administrator of his company's Brand Regard account. Once he's signed up he invites his colleagues onto the system and gives them privileges according to their role within the company. A few select individuals in the marketing department are granted brand manager status and everyone else in the company gets download-only privileges.

Screenshot-2 H3-bulk-upload-edit-delete

Preparing a brand by uploading its assets to Brand Regard and categorizing them into toolkits becomes as easy as using a standard file manager. You can:

  • Upload many files at once.
  • Bulk edit and delete.
  • Create new toolkits on the fly for easy categorization.

Finding files in the file manager is also easy, as you can filter them either by category or by file type.

Example: ACME International has just updated their brand to reflect the fact that they are expanding into new markets. The agency in charge of the rebranding delivers the new brand guidelines, along with the various associated assets. Instead of using a shared network folder, email or a DVD disk, the Brand Manager uploads the assets to Brand Regard. The assets that are part of the old brand are deleted with one push of the mouse button.

Screenshot-4 H3-group-assets-into-toolkits

Brand Regard allows brand managers to group assets into so-called toolkits. Each toolkit represents some form of application of the brand. For example, you can group assets into toolkits called "Video", "Audio", "Web", "Print" etc. Brand Regard provides users with a default set of suggested toolkits, but they easily can be removed and replaced with custom toolkits.

Example: ACME's regional manager in Greenland has agreed to sponsor a conference held in Nuuk, the country's capital. The organizer asks him to email him ACME's logo both for the conference's web site and the printed schedule. The manager logs into his Brand Regard account, clicks on the "Print" toolkit where he finds the PDF version of the logo and the "Web" toolkit where he finds a smaller PNG version of it. He downloads both and to his surprise, sees the company's logo has been updated. He didn't get the memo. He sends both versions of the updated logo to the organizer.

Download-email-screenshot H3-download-or-email-bundles

Once assets have been categorized into toolkits ("print", "web", "press photos" etc.) they can be shared via email or downloaded as a zip archive. This means that anyone with the right access permissions has instant, easy access to the most up to date brand assets.

Example: ACME Internaregional's regional director in Greenland decides to advertise the company's sponsorship of a conference in Nuuk in the local paper. The agency that designs his ads asks for the company logo and any relevant photographs. Via Brand Regard, the regional manager sends him a link, which expires in two weeks, to the toolkit "Print" where the designer finds the logo, photographs and the brand guidelines that detail how they are to be used.

The return on ACME International's investment in their new brand is maximised when regional managers the world over use the assets correctly, minimizing the danger of the new brand being undermined by inconsistent or incorrect usage.

Advantages of web-based software
  • Your data is secure and is backed up daily.
  • Your software is always up to date - no need for software upgrades.
  • You can access the software from any country, any office, on the train or at home.
  • It doesn't matter if you're using a PC, a Mac, Linux or a mobile.
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