Fu** the diet!

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Dear diet: You’re fired!

Unilever Germany has launched a new, rather edgy campaign, for its slimming product called “Fuck the diet” encouraging women to dump their fad diets (discovered via the Brand Republic blog).

We recommend visiting the campaign’s Facebook page (use Chrome’s Google Translate if, like ours, your German is lacking) to gain insight into what people think. The campaign has a high profile in Germany, complete with an ad on German national television which is shown throughout the day.

On Facebook the campaign has had some very mixed reviews – to say the least. One commenter says that:

I don’t want my daughter to use such language

Other reviews are more positive:

Real women have real curves

One thing is for sure: They have balls and they’re already generating a lot of buzz. In the english speaking press they’ve been covered in mainstream outlets such as The Guardian and sector-specific sites such as The Drum and Ad Age.

We disagree with the nay-sayers. Being provocative is a great way of generating buzz for a product and it takes courage to roll out a campaign such as this. It’s better to ruffle some feathers than to die in obscurity.

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