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Brand Regard is a web-based software solution that allows companies to maximize the potential of their most valuable asset: Their brand. It is a low cost, low risk brand asset management solution that helps companies convey their brand and make sure it is communicated effectively and consistently to its customers.

Consistent: Make sure everyone in your organization is on message

Screenshot Brand Regard is an online repository for digital marketing material where all relevant partners and clients can access the right marketing assets with maximum ease and minimum cost. Whether someone is looking for material for press, online ads or templates for presentations or business cards they can find it instantly on the web via Brand Regard.

The marketing assets themselves are grouped by medium (e.g. "Web", "Print", "Radio") and use cases (e.g. "Press photos", "Presentations"). Furthermore, Brand Regard provides users with easy access to the relevant brand guidelines to make sure the assets are applied correctly guaranteeing that everyone in the organization stays 100% on message.

Secure: Control who has access

Brand Regard allows users to specify in detail which users have access to what data. Users can be given administrator, brand manager, download-only or temporary access. Users who don't need regular access to the system can have links emailed to them with the relevant assets. These links can be set to expire at a specified date to limit the time the external user has to the data. Furthermore, your data is backed up every 24 hours and kept on servers located in separate geographic locations.

Access anywhere: Everyone has instant access

Because Brand Regard is a hosted web-service, every employee in every office anywhere in the world has instant access to the latest marketing material the day it goes live. You no longer have to worry about employees using an outdated version of the logo or any other aspect of the brand. Everyone stays up to date and on message.

Cost effective: No upfront costs - pay according to your needs

There are no upfront fees Brand Regard and our pricing structure is transparent: Our clients pay according to how much they use the product. As a Brand Regard user you:

  • Pay monthly - you can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Pay only according to how many users need access.
Advantages of web-based software
  • Your data is secure and is backed up daily.
  • Your software is always up to date - no need for software upgrades.
  • You can access the software from any country, any office, on the train or at home.
  • It doesn't matter if you're using a PC, a Mac, Linux or a mobile.
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